Equity and Law are hybrid commercial property auctioneers and business transfer agents. We understand the pressures a business owner can be put under when faced with the prospect of selling their business quickly, achieving a realistic sale price that reflects the time, money and effort that they have spent into building it.

Business owners have a lot to digest when it comes to the subject of commercial real estate especially when it is still trading. Our experience shows us that obtaining a qualified appraisal on commercial real estate is very different from that done on residential properties. “Commercial evaluation is completely different from assessing the value of residential property. Our commercial appraisals are much more subjective in nature,” says Jon Georgiades, managing director of iiBM and founder of the Trade Centre Group, who acquired Equity and Law in a recent takeover bid. “The acquisition of Equity & Law will compliment my portfolio of services offered to my clients. My aim has always been to build close relationships with my clients as they go through 2nd, 3rd and fourth stage expansion and five year goals are always a good way to move forward. I can now get more involved in the disposal, mergers and acquisitions for my clients, which is great.”

As a hybrid auction house, we offer traditional tried and tested services to our clients for commercial property and business transfer. We also offer an advertising portal for clients who come to us seeking to sell residential property. Our clients are estate agents and individuals who use this service and we are pleased to offer this facility for a reasonable fee.