Selling a Company?

No two companies are the same.  No two sets of shareholders and directors are the same.  No two purchasers are the same.  No two deals are the same.  In any share sale transaction, the one thing you can confidently expect is the unexpected.

So this information is not about your deal – your deal will be different from any deal we have ever dealt with.  Rather, on the basis of several decades of combined experience, it is about what “typically” or “usually” or “normally” happens in the course of such a transaction.  It is not intended as a precise road map of the path you are heading down, but a rough sketch to give you some idea of your surroundings and the general direction we are trying to take you in.

Equity & Law is provided by iiBM Limited who are bespoke management and consultancy service providers who will guide you through every stage of the transaction. For more information on how we can help  you dispose of your company click here to download our Selling_a_Company.