Our auction scedule for 2018 will be listed below:

See link to auction dates as they become available

Birmingham Auction: Birmingham (Register)
Brighton Auction: Brighton (Register)
Bristol Auction: Bristol (Register)
Canterbury Auction: Canterbury (Register)
Colchester Auction: Essex (Register)
Derby Auction: Derby (Register)
East Midlands Auction: East Midlands (April 2018)
Exeter Auction: South West (Register)
Gloucester Auction: Gloucester (Register)
Hull Auction: Hull (Register)
Leeds Auction: Leeds (Register)
Lincoln Auction: Lincoln – (April 2018 – Register)
London Auction: London (Register)
Luton Auction: Luton (Register)
Manchester Auction: Manchester (Register)
Norwich Auction: Norfolk (Register)
Nottingham Auction: Nottingham (Register)
Portsmouth Auction: Portsmouth (Register)
Sheffield Auction: Sheffield (Register)
Swansea Auction: South Wales (Register)